Our Expertise in the Financial Industry Includes Banks, Mortgage Companies, Consumer Lending, and more.


Altair CI began as a Financial Data Provider in 2001

  • Our Data Strategist and Consultants are well versed in various Financial Marketing Data success.
  • We work across various Financial institutions and that helps us to better understand the differences each type offer
  • What can you expect?

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How Does Altair Get Better Results?

Fresher Data

In our 16+ years of compiling data, we`ve found that the fresher the data, the better the marketing results for our clients. We update daily and it pays off for you.

More Flexibility

We know speed and flexibility allows you more time to respond and react to market changes. Our data analysts are the best in the business, giving you more time to spend on the business while we take care of the data.

Powerful Analytics

We fix models built elsewhere that don`t work. How? Our Data Scientists know our data and are constantly using new techniques to squeeze more responses and better results for our clients campaigns.