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Position: Accounting Manager / Entry-Level Controller

Running a successful business takes a solid team of leaders with the right mix of talent, capabilities and chemistry. One of those team members is the “business” guy/gal – yeah, they are technically solid in all things related to running the business-side – accounting, tax, legal, HR, etc. – but they are also the person that has to find the balance sometimes of being the voice of reason and identifying the holes in big dreams of others, while still being able to enter in the dream and creatively get around the obstacles for the ones that have legs. This person doesn’t require a lot of hand-holding or lighting a fire beneath them - they just have the discipline to get things done and get them done right to sustain a solid foundation for the business. They also have the confidence to speak their mind –- but in a respectful way that recognizes they hold but one of many perspectives. They are also able to listen well and respect the ideas of others, and then accept the marching orders of the leader. They don’t create drama – in fact they are often a peace-maker.


Does that team member sound like you? Or someone you know? If so, we would love to have a conversation!


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Position: Administrative Assistant

We are seeking an Administrative Assistant to join our team for a part-time position that could lead to full-time!


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